For many years, female entrepreneurs have continuously been overlooked since much attention has been directed towards men. As much as men are doing a lot in the entrepreneurial world, women’s effort into business is also immense. Because of the effort, many women have become prominent figures within the business world. Here are some of the rising female entrepreneurs that you should watch.


Amber Christian

The rise of technology has brought to light a lot of names due to their innovations. As a result, Amber Christian is an example of an influential woman who has ventured into the technology sector. Mrs. Amber has grown to become a prominent figure globally due to her outstanding efforts in founding Wonderly Software Solutions. Before that, Mrs. Christine had been employed for more than 18 years, establishing SAP solutions for major companies worldwide. Amber Christian’s experience over these years has been to developing her company and becoming one of the leading entrepreneurial women.


Giovanna Lombardi

Giovanna Lombardi is another influential woman that the world should keep tabs on because of her work at Quell Therapeutics. Mrs. Giovanna is the founder and an expert at Quell Therapeutics. Mrs. Lombardi has grown this company to offer significant help in medicine. Currently, Mrs. Lombardi has established a firm focusing on Treg Cell therapies production that helps deal with different inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Moreover, the effort of this institution has improved organ transplants by a significant margin.


Kelly Wing

Finally, Kelly Wing is another excellent example to watch. While growing up, Kelly Wing was a shy child, but that didn’t distract her from her dreams. Kelly began working early in childhood and juggled multiple jobs while working through college. Kelly Wing decided to venture into the real estate industry and had built significant investments within just three years. Currently, Mrs. Wing is running a platform geared to inspire people around the globe called Ohwabisabi Media. Because of this influence, Kelly Wing is one of the many entrepreneurial women to watch.


The strides that women are achieving around the globe are immense, and that shouldn’t go unrecognized. These women should be given all the appreciation they deserve. Women go through a lot in a field that men have dominated for several years, and that’s why they need to be cherished.

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