Doaa Dashoush Women In Supply Chain Management

In the past, supply chain management was a largely male-dominated field. This has changed quite a bit in recent years and many have noted how far society has come since the old days. When looking at the history of supply chain management, you can see that some female figures have played crucial roles, even during times when women weren’t present in large numbers. Currently, you can see that the supply chain management sector is moving in an exciting new direction and that women are an important part of that. 

Women Are Still Outnumbered

Women are still far outnumbered by men in the supply chain management industry. Despite this, you’ll find many women occupying key leadership positions in various companies. There might not be the same number of women working in this industry that there are in others, but women are still having a big impact. These professionals are helping to guide the supply chain management industry in new directions. 

Despite the progress, many feel that there still need to be changes made to make supply chain management more appealing to women. It’s good to have more diversity in the industry, and having more female voices would be positive. This doesn’t mean that supply chain management hasn’t made good strides in recent years, but it does acknowledge that there are still things that need to change. The women in the industry now will continue to push forward through everything. 

Companies Are Trying

It’s good to see that many of the top-tier supply chain management companies are looking to attract more women. They don’t just want more women to fill the ranks at low-level positions either. Currently, most supply chain management companies have about 35-38% of their workforce made up of females and a much smaller percentage of that in leadership roles. There are many women occupying key leadership positions, but they want to change things so women are in leadership positions at all levels. 

These changes take time and they are not going to occur overnight. The overall strides that have been made in recent years deserve praise even if the work is not yet done. The supply chain management industry is becoming more inclusive and diverse, which will make things better for everyone. Time will tell just how much the industry will change in the coming years, but the trends are easy to spot.