Entrepreneurship comes with many challenges. However, as there are many challenges, there are many opportunities to learn from those who have already made it. There are countless books, online courses, and podcasts to push entrepreneurs beyond their comfort zone.

But female entrepreneurs (mompreneurs), especially those establishing a business or those seeking funding in a male-dominated environment, face more unique challenges. Luckily females who have excelled in entrepreneurship and tech are willing to share their secrets through mentoring and books. These insight-packed books are written by women for women, making them relatable and valuable for female entrepreneurs. This guide highlights five such books that will inspire and empower women to think about making the jump into entrepreneurship.


The Confidence Code

Written by Kay and Shipman, this book tries to understand what confidence is and how it can be instilled in women. The authors work with top psychologists to develop insights on how females can learn to undertake challenging tasks, which helps in boosting their confidence levels.

Kay and Shipman also reveal how women can become more successful by learning from their past mistakes and avoiding perfectionism. Even though wisdom is genetically determined, Kay and Shipman assure readers that there are ways women can use methods to boost their confidence levels.


Girl on Fire

A strong champion for women’s economic power, Alwill Leyba helps female entrepreneurs to start businesses and guide them to their success. In her book, she advocates women to engage in risk-taking activities and challenge the status quo if they desire to succeed. She beliefs that women can also grow by setting up goals and working according to their plans.


Women, Work and the Desire to Succeed

This book, written by one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women in Business and Facebook COO Sherly Sandberg, was published in 2015, but her advice and helping women succeed remain relevant. Sharing her own experience of representing top companies globally, women entrepreneurs will find small changes they can make in life to reach the top in this book.


The Truth About Getting to the Top

Karren Bradly, the author of this book, has defied the odds. Told that she had a brain condition that required surgery with a 30% possibility of not surviving, she went ahead to become the chairwoman of West Ham United. She goes ahead to balance family life and business, which is excellent for mumpreneurs desiring to succeed.


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